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becky pineoracing
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Race recap from Benji:

We won our division in the pursuit race and were first to finish of all boats that sailed our course. Although we scored 9th overall, we were the first of all the bigger race boats. 1 through 8 were all smaller boats sailing shorter courses.  

We started on a run with the A1.5 IRIE graphics asym and it worked well, but backed completely in a transition zone from the North to South wind about 12:30PM. From there we were fetching Tuckernuck Shoals on starboard with the J1.5, which is a beautiful sail. The wind was 12 knots dropping to as low as 4, and veering from SW to W. 

The race winning move was deploying the new Code Zero on KZ furler. The cableless bottom-up system worked flawlessly and the new A0 allowed us to sail lower and faster than DENALI, a TP52, in quite light air. After about 20 minutes we went back to the J1.5 as the wind backed and we were concerned about getting caught down current to the East of Tuckernuck.

The run from Tuckernuck to Great Shoal was easy with the A1.5 although DENALI narrowed our lead as would be expected on a light run.

Great Shoal to the finish was very exciting, an upwind fetch with J1.5 on starboard. The W boat was way out in front and we ground them down. Meanwhile DENALI was closing on us and it was anyone's race at the finish. Turns out the W boat tacked to port just before we overlapped them, freed us up and we won the race with DENALI second. 

40 miles in under 4 hours, and a 41 second lead FTW.

For the non-racing portion of the events: crew dinner at Nantucket Hotel, with custom menus for the Irie crew, toasts all around. Then off to “or, the Whale” for one, home to the loft on Main Street, and for the first time let myself doze past the Figawi Joke Tent. Rumor has it there were no racist jokes or rapey songs (huzzah!), but there was a significant increase in jokes about a certain sexual position.

I got brunch with friends at the Club Car; it was a refreshing change to see it during the light of day. We parted ways for me to find crewmates on the docks before an off-campus dinner party. Sunday morning as most racers departed, we chartered a skiff to relax in the lee of Coatue Point.